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Can others tell that I’m wearing Invisalign?

One of the main benefits of Invisalign clear aligners is that they are made of clear plastic and are a great substitute for traditional metal braces. Our Southwood Dental Studio - Southdale (Jalna) dentists discuss clear aligners and how unlikely it will be that others will notice you are wearing them at a glance.

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Can Children Get Gum Disease?

The oral health condition of gum disease is extremely common among Canadian adults, but many people are unaware that children can also be affected by this disease. In this blog post, our Southwood Dental Studio - Fanshawe dentists explain how this occurs and what can be done to prevent it.

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Debunking the Top 7 Myths Around Cosmetic Dental Procedures

You may have heard some of the common myths surrounding cosmetic dental services. Our Southwood Dental Studio - Highbury dentists discuss some of the common misconceptions about cosmetic dental procedures.

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How Do I Take A Good Picture With Braces?

If you have braces then you may find smiling for photos awkward now. Our Southwood Dental Studio - Colonel Talbot dentists have a few suggestions for how to take great pictures when you have braces.

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Brushing vs Flossing: Which Comes First

Many people know on a basic level that brushing and flossing are recommended by dentists as part of a good oral hygiene routine. Some patients however are unclear on the finer details, like what order they should be done in or if one is more important than the other. Today, our Southwood Dental Studio - Highbury dentists talk about brushing and flossing in detail.

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Getting Bad Breath Under Control During Your Invisalign Treatment

During your Invisalign treatment, you will be wearing each set of aligners for around two weeks. This gives plenty of time for your aligners to be filled with bacteria. In this post, our Southwood Dental Studio - Fanshawe dentists offer some tips on how to properly care for your aligners while managing oral hygiene.

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The Importance of a Professional Dental Cleaning

Many people only visit their dentist when they feel pain or discomfort in their teeth and gums. Today the Southwood Dental Studio team explains why regular appointments for professional cleaning are important even when you feel alright.

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Life After Dental Implants: What You Need to Know

Your dentist might have discussed the dental implant procedure with you, but what about life after dental implants? Today, our Southwood Dental Studio - Highbury dentists talk about what you can expect after you have had a dental implant procedure.

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Foods to Avoid with Braces

One of the things to keep in mind when you have braces is that certain foods can cause damage to them. Our Southwood Dental Studio - Highbury location dentists in London talk about some of the foods that should be avoided when you have braces.

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Options for Replacing Missing Teeth

It is, more often than not, a good idea to replace missing teeth as soon as possible to keep your mouth healthy and prevent further loss of tooth structure. Our Southwood Dental Studio - Fanshawe dentists can provide you with a variety of options for replacing your missing teeth, and you and your dentist will work together to determine which option is best for you.

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