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Dental Health Resources

Here, our London dentists and team share help resources, tips and advice for your dental health.

10 Fun Dental Facts for Kids

Do your kids find everything to do with dental health and teeth boring? Try piquing their interest in oral health by sharing some of these fun dental facts from our dentists at Southwood Dental Studio - Fanshawe!

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How do I know when to have my wisdom teeth pulled?

Wondering if you should get your wisdom teeth pulled? Our dentists at Southwood Dental Studio - Highbury share some advice about signs that your wisdom teeth should be removed.

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Why consider getting dental implants?

Have you lost one or more teeth? In years gone by, you may have chosen other options, but these days dental implants have become more viable and affordable. Our Southwood Dental Studio - Southdale (Jalna) dentists explain.

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How to Choose the Right Dentist for You

Are you looking for a dentist in the area of Colonel Talbot Road in London? We know that finding the right dentist can be a tricky task, so today our dentists are offering some advice on how to make the right choice.

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Dental Appliances Can Help You With Sleep Apnea

Sleep disorders such as sleep apnea can negatively impact your overall health, but there is help available including various dental appliances. Today our Southwood Dental Studio - Fanshawe dentists explain some of the options.

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Healthy Teeth: Why Starting Early is Key

Preventive oral hygiene is a primary defence against tooth decay and a slew of other health issues. Our Southwood Dental Studio - Highbury dentists explain why establishing good dental healthcare routines early in life is important for your child.

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What is the difference between dental implants and dental bridges?

Dental bridges and dental implants are both fixed tooth replacements that are used to replace one or more missing teeth. Our Southwood Dental Studio - Colonel Talbot dentists will assist you in selecting the treatment option that is most appropriate for your specific oral health requirements.

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Are dental veneers permanent?

Dental veneers can address a number of aesthetic issues, but are they a permanent solution? Our Southwood Dental Studio - Colonel Talbot dentists discuss how restorations could be used to alter the appearance of your smile and factors that affect longevity.

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Is there more than one type of dental braces?

Wondering if traditional metal braces are the only kind available? At our Southwood Dental Studio - Southdale (Jalna) office, we offer different types of braces for varying styles and requirements. Our dentists review what’s available and who may be good candidates.

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Our Top 5 Tips for At-Home Oral Hygiene

In today's post, our Southwood Dental Studio - Highbury dentists offer 5 tips to help you improve your at-home oral hygiene routine. In many cases, our patients are not getting the most out of their at-home dental care, so this post is here to help rectify that.

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