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Dr. Manjot Guram

Dr. Manjot Guram is a General Dentist at our Highbury Dental location in London. 

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Dr. Manjot Guram, London Dentist

The most exciting thing about being a dentist is how we can improve not only the physical health but also the self-confidence and charm of a person by taking care of oral health and astonishing smile.

Dr. Manjot works at Southwood Dental, Kilally, and received her Bachelors in Dental Surgery in India. She is also a certified General Dentist with the RCDSO and started her journey with Southwood as certified Dental Assistant many years ago. Dr. Manjot has worked as a general dentist with Southwood Dental for three years, after completing a year of voluntary dental work in India.

She has the talent of speaking three languages, English, Punjabi and Hindi. When Dr. Manjot is not creating smiles, she enjoys reading, painting, watching movies and spending time with her family and friends.

"You are never fully dressed washout beautiful smile!"

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