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Dr. Rana Hussain

Dr. Rana Hussain is a General Dentist at our Fanshawe Park Road Dental location in London. 

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Dr. Rana Hussain, London Dentist

I’m a Professional general dentist with a primary role in examining, diagnosing, and treating oral diseases.

I have performed various preventive and oral health care for over 10 years.

I value integrity and respect which would build strong bonds of trust and confidence with the patients as a health care provider.

I graduated from the Baghdad University of Dentistry. In 2003 I obtained a general certificate to practice dentistry in Dubai.
I have been practicing as a DDS in Canada since 2017.

I enjoy performing various dental procedures such as composite restorations, cosmetic restorative treatment, crowns, bridges, surgeries, and teeth extractions.

When I’m not busy I like to spend my time with my family and my kids, social events, swimming, and walking.

I am a Member of the RCDSO, ODA and I also volunteer at the community living in London and the Salvation Army.

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